Christine Jaksch

Christine Jaksch was born in 1984 in Rosenheim. Her talent and interest in expressive colors and shapes earlier on paved the way for her artistic career. With time, she focused more on abstract painting. In recent years, Jaksch has now drawn attention to her talent through international art fairs and expressions with her abstract, expressive style. Among the women in art, Christine Jaksch is now one of the most recognized artists of contemporary art. Her works primarily document changes and reflect on different development processes. With her distinct technique of application and abstraction through which she creates the typical broken figures and cracked structures, the artistic character is now also evident in her latest art project (Lacquer & Leather).

Acrylic on canvas / Lacquer & Leather

The artistic expression and her individual handwriting can be found in the broken forms, dissolving structures and the always returning black lines. The application and removal of color have a very significant role. Christine Jaksch uses the hereby typically cracked and torn shapes to demonstrate the time span of change and conversion of old and new structures.

Discover the new touch of leather painting by Christine Jaksch

The artist Christine Jaksch presents this polarizing and enticing theme in a new perspective: With Laquer & Leather, she aims to display modern leather art in a “sensual and inspiring” way.

The erotic aspect of lacquer & leather, the strong polarization, and the sensuality of the materials inspired Christine Jaksch to explore these materials in a new perspective. When it comes to art, there are neither clichés nor preconceptions. Art goes deeper, it is curious, and sometimes it comes from a rather playful theme. Art inspires us to take a closer look. Christine Jaksch experiences great pleasure in taking on new perspectives to elicit the conscious contention in her artistic work. Inspired by lacquer & leather, she primarily focused on the sensual aspect.

The result of her artistic work was a modern type of leather painting that has its distinct charms. Leather painting is a part of many cultural stories. With her new art project, Christine Jaksch contemporarily draws back on this tradition from the past. „Lacquer & Leather“ presents a harmonious interplay between the material charms, inspired by an imaginative insight into the art. Here, sensuality meets dominance in an aesthetic, sophisticated expression.

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